George Eliot NHS Trust


The hospital is a mid-sized NHS trust (48,000m2) and is based on a single site, serving the population of Nuneaton for general acute healthcare services.  The site has been built progressively since the mid-1960s (with a small area still dating back to pre-War).


The energy cost is £1.5m per annum.  Heating is provided by large gas boilers (with oil back-up), feeding a steam-distribution system.  The boilers are very old and quite inefficient, having been converted from coal-fired units some years ago.

Cynergin won the tender process in early 2015, and is expecting to complete the investment-grade audit (IGA) by November 2015.



We propose to supply a CHP unit, to provide the main heating and electrical supply to the hospital, plus two new high-efficiency gas-fired boilers, with oil as back-up.


Based on successful experience at Yeovil and Warrington NHS Trusts, we will convert the primary heat-distribution from steam to low-temperature hot water.  This will improve the efficiency of the system and will reduce ongoing maintenance costs significantly. 


Many competitors are shy to enter into de-steaming projects, but we have proven that they can be implemented very cost-effectively and without any unplanned disruption to live, operational sites, such as NHS hospitals (see examples at Warrington and Yeovil NHS Trusts).


Commercial Solution

We will present the commercial solution to the Trust in November 2015, but expect it to be a capital project (funded by SALIX and/or NHS capital).



Construction is planned to take place in 2016, subject to approval from the Trust's Board.  This will enable the project to be completed before April 2017, which will offer the added benefit of bringing its electrical consumption below the current limited for CRC carbon taxes - saving the Trust an additional £120,000 per annum.



An aerial view of the George Eliot Hospital 


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