At last we can start making savings from the CHP: Cynergin sorted out our problems and MCL will keep our system running efficiently for the next 12 years. This project not only saves money, but it will clean up local air pollution and help protect the wider environment in the long-term.

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Our Vision

Improving Estates Delivers Long-Term Business Value

As consultants and ESCo contractors, we provide long-term strategic and financial value through step-change improvements to estate performance.

Intelligent with Energy

Following a thorough site assessment, we reduce energy-demand and then optimise the supply solution - often a combination of conventional and renewable technologies.

We look beyond the simple, quick fixes, building solutions that maximise long-term performance and financial savings.

Innovative with Solutions

Alongside improvements in financial and environmental performance, energy-performance contracts (EPCs) should improve the operating environment and reduce corporate risk.

We turn “energy projects” into “self-funding infrastructure-renewal investments”.

Our innovations address our clients’ needs - e.g. centralising plant for efficiency (boilers, CHP, cooling, de-steaming) or decentralisation to reduce distribution losses and costs.

We find new ways to reduce running costs, by implementing new, low-maintenance solutions and other cost-minimisation initiatives, liberating funds to reinvest in meeting your organisation’s core objectives.

Imaginative with Finance

Our long-term energy-reduction guarantee offers a cast-iron assurance of financial performance, giving you the confidence to invest in your estate. 

We create flexible programmes that are self-funding or cash-releasing – the parameters are set by our clients and delivered by us. 

Funding solutions may combine capital grants, borrowing and off-balance sheet methods, such as joint-ventures or operating leases.  Our skills in optimising accounting treatment help us to deliver the best-possible financial value.


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