London Borough of Havering


The Local Authority was awarded a multi-million pound "New Deal for Schools" grant to tackle energy-consumption across its secondary schools.

To maximise the benefit of the award, Cynergin was appointed to develop a Public-Private Partnership arrangement to lever in matched funding from the private sector.

Cynergin played a leading role in guiding the project from conception through procurement, project delivery, and full service delivery.

Feasibility Study

We defined the detailed requirements and developed a comprehensive output-based specification suitable for a competitive procurement under the PPP/PFI guidelines and the EC procurement rules.


Cynergin managed the technical and financial evaluation of the bids, which resulted in the selection of Johnson Controls Systems Ltd (JCSL) as the preferred bidder.

Measures included boiler retrofits, small-scale combined heat-and-power (CHP) plant for local electricity generation, lighting retrofits, refurbishments of changing rooms and showers, re-cladding and new double-glazed windows in several schools.

Financial Solution

We structured to contracts to ensure that the injection of private capital did not impact on the Council's balance sheet, allowing it to devote its own capital to other hard-pressed schools.


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