Wyevale Garden Centres and Nurseries

Cynergin Identifies £1m Savings, 36% Carbon


Wyevale Gaarden Centres (now known as The Garden Centre Group) is the largest garden centre group in the UK, with 123 garden centres and an annual turnover of £200m.

With no energy-management policy in place, management wanted a full audit of how it could best reduce its environmental impact and save money. Its energy spend was £3.6m, with CO2 emissions of 22,000 tonnes.


Wyevale asked Cynergin to make recommendations to reduce heat losses within its large nursery and retail spaces, and to reduce its substantial lighting bill.


We undertook a detailed audit of two of the larger properties, and found five major technical and managerial areas that needed to be addressed as a priority. (Some measures applied to all properties, others to specific types.)


  • Full energy-management programme.
  • Building-management systems.
  • De-stratification fans in growing-houses to push back warm air from ceiling height – 15% heat saving.
  • Biomass boilers in certain locations – 40% carbon savings typical.
  • Low-energy lighting plus lighting controls and dimmers (lighting was not synchronous with daylight conditions).
  • The customer wanted anaerobic digesters, to liberate methane from organic waste, but these were shown to be uneconomical.

Taken together these measures would deliver annual savings of more than £1m (28%), 7,000 tonnes CO2 (32%) and 80MWh of energy (33%).


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